My First Blog

About me, as it was 2009

Hooray at last I can praise myself with having my own blog, cause I’ve heard it’s fashionable 😛

A short bio of me

My name is Tony Georgiev. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am 21 and I am a student at St. Clement of Ohrid. I study computer science and part of my interests are involved with that… ok I won’t lie, a big part of my interests. And mainly this blog will be about that, things I learn, that find interesting etc.
Partly for work, partly from passion I have been interested in Adobe Flex and there few applications that I’ve developed.
Aside from the geek stuff I am very keen on snowboarding so if you are in town and there is snow on the mountain gimme a call


  1. Vladimir Tsvetkov · April 8, 2010

    Your blog looks great so far. Keep up with the cool posts!


  2. Tony Georgiev · April 9, 2010

    Thanks, I will do my best!


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