Visualizing ski pass statistics from Livigno

Recently I went snowboarding with friends in Livigno, Italy. Everything was perfetto! The variety of slopes and parks was impressive. The weather couldn’t be better with fresh snow every morning and sunny days. It was a full week of pure fun, sport and leisure. This was my first time in Italy, in the winter, and I must say that I love it as much as I love it in the summer.

One thing that I did almost the next day when I got back home, was to check the lift pass statistics as suggested on my pass at

When I entered my pass number I was surprised that I received only one .csv file that if I open in Excel I will see raw data of few columns and many rows, representing all my lift entries. We also gathered with friends to compare and discuss when and where someone of us was riding. As you can imagine it was hard to compare anything using text editors.

And by talking with others I heard that it is common for other resorts also.

As a data visualization fan, I thought that it would be nice to have a way to visualize all of this raw data, in a user friendly way. I wanted to see which slopes/lifts I was riding the most, which my friends were riding, when and where we were together, when we were riding on opposite slopes and how our days were going. So I went over the stats and started experimenting with ideas, how such statistics will be nice to be shown.

So I started building a ski stats visualization library, having my own and my friends’ stats from Livigno. I can say that it is now ready for preview and I wanted to get feedback for it. You can see a demo of it here . It is fully functional, so if you have visited Livigno and have your ski pass statistics, go ahead and provide them to see you visualizations. There is also a demo mode, that shows fake data, to have a better feeling of the project.

Skistats screenshot

It is still in early development stages, so if you find any issues, have feature requests or want to see stats for other resorts, please open a new issue in the GitHub project page or comment your thought bellow this post. You can also check here how you can contribute.

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It’s that time again. Mountain View

First of all I’d like to wish Happy New Year!
I have a present for you (well it’s actually for me but you can benefit)
Last winter I went to a ski/snowboard sale, with no particular reason, and whatta you know I got home with a snowboard, pair of shoes, bindings and everything. The next day I was already conquering the Vitosha mounatin. That was when I rode snowboard for the first time of my life. And whole season I was so thrilled of how cool is that so whenever I had a chance I went to the mountain to snowboard. So here comes another season, and I will not miss a chance to hop on the lift.
But unfortunately the weather here in Bulgaria is very strange. At new year’s eve the temperature was 12°C when 3 days before that it was -10°C. So to go to the mountain you have to know if the weather there is ok and is it ride-able (able to ride 😛 ). You can always check some websites see what the weather is, other to see web cams of the resorts, but why not have a small application that checks this for you. For that purpose what could be better than an Air application. So I sat one day and decided to create an application showing the weather condition for the next few days, and whether you should go and ride or go and waste time because of the bad weather. Here for all you ski/snowboard/snow/mountain lovers I present you MountainView.

MountainView provides 3-day weather information and live images from webcams for these ski resorts: Vitosha, Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo. I’d like to thank for providing the weather feed, which I personally think is the most correct forecast. I would also like to thank,,, and for providing maps and webcam images of the resorts.

Download MountainView

So grab it, play with it. Please comment you thoughts
MountainView is created with Adobe Flex. Check out the source code from here