Animate ngView transitions in AngularJS

Let me just start this post by saying that AngularJS is awesome! I have been playing with Angular recently and I must say that it has the things I loved in Flex and I missed in JavaScript frameworks. Things like declarative UI, bi-directional binding and a lot more, but now I will not write why Angular is cool.

This post will be covering something that I recently wanted to implement, but it seemed that it not so straight forward – animating ng-views when they change.

An example of such transitions you can check here . As you can see when you click on a link, the view is changed by making this slick slide animation. One thing that we notice is that the view is sliding only in one direction, but it will be really nice to have it both ways, based on the hierarchy of the views.

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Check 1, 2 … 1, 2

It’s been a long time since I last blogged, and it seems I miss it, so I decided it’s time to write a new post and try to start to write more frequently again.

One night we were out for a beer with Serge and he asked my what’s going on with my blog and why I am not posting anything and he got me thinking…
Part of my absence in this blog was because I have been busy lately. I took part in lots of new and interesting development projects, I’ve continued my education for a masters degree, I’ve been supporting the protests in Bulgaria, I traveled around and around, I even starred in a ski/snowboarding movie 😉
Another reason was that I started playing with JavaScript technologies, both front-end and back-end, things that in the past I tried to avoid, but one cannot afford to ignore them anymore.
Since this blog was more technically oriented, I will keep up this tradition and continue writing about my experiences with different programming technologies. I was a big Flex fan and most of my previous topics were on this theme, but these recent years, HTML, JavaScript and CSS technologies have evolved a lot, and now is a really interesting and challenging time to be doing JavaScript development. So I am really passionate about what can be done with these technologies and I think it will be nice to blog about it. I have few ideas that I think will be interesting to share soon, so stay tuned.