Hello VMware!

If you follow me on  twitter, you probably already know that, but it has been 2 months since I have left Obecto and started working at VMware Bulgaria.

This is a big change in my career and again it wasn’t that easy.

Working at Obecto was really cool! The people I have met there are very enthusiastic professionals and best at what they do. They are one of the Flex pioneers in Bulgaria, making great applications and as you know I am a Flex geek. I’ve learnt a lot working with guys like Todor and Vladi and all other colleagues. I had the opportunity to work on a big, unique and EXTREMELY interesting project, doing things that I am willing to bet no one had done with Flex. It was a pleasure working there and I am going to miss the atmosphere and the whole team. I can only wish them to continue with their passion making great projects and best of luck!

As I said it was fun, but I decided that it is time to move on. I cannot share a lot about my experiences so far at VMware, but I think it is great. I am still getting used working at such a large company with lots of colleagues and so much products and I am still getting confused sometimes with this “Inception thing” (VM inside of a VM) ::) Literally I am overwhelmed by information, but still want more. I like how I am constantly motivated to learn new things and be better. I also find it outstanding how developers are provoked to innovate and come up with new ideas, and how they are acknowledged.
A lot of things have happened these two months and I am so excited for the future, I am sure it will be interesting.

So what is next?
Be more awesome, of course! 🙂 I will continue with this blog and I will try to write interesting posts as before. I think now is a good time to say that this will continue to be my personal blog and will not represent thoughts and strategies of VMware

P.S. And since I am writing this when the hype is on whether Flex/Flash will live… I am sure there will be more mind-blowing websites and applications built with them.