JavaScript on conferences

Recently two big conferences were held in Sofia – jQuery Bulgaria and Java2Days. Luckily I was able to attend both and I really liked both of them.

What was interesting about those events was that one was free and it was in Saturday, while the other was paid and during two workdays. One was targeting JavaScript developers, while the other Java developers. One was about JavaScript and the other … well JavaScript was hot topic 🙂 At one point I even though I was on JavaScript2Days, which by the way would be awesome to have!

Although more targeted for Java developers, on Java2Days there were topics like “Automate your JavaScript development in your Web App” by Mite Mitreski, where he covered tools like Yeoman (and it’s set) and Karma, that was quite nice and made some things clear to me. Another talk by Andrew Lombardi was “Real Time with Websockets”, where he created a node.js server and a simple HTML client, that used Websockets to exchange data. And of-course the framework that was mentioned in nearly all JavaScript sessions on both events – AngularJS, mainly covered in “Web apps: a different angle – Web applications in Java with spring data, spring data rest and Angular.js” by Ioan Eugen Stan, “AngularJS for Spring Developers” by Sergi Almar and “AngularJS – a radically different way of building Single Page Apps” by Jivko Petiov.
Some interesting talks that I attended at the jQuery Bulgaria event include “Best Practices for Developing Modern Web UIs with JavaScript” by Angel Todorov, which if I had watched an year ago could have saved me a lot of time in filling the gap that I had from the time I had stayed away from HTML/JavaScript. “Things I learned from the jQuery source” was very interesting, where Haralan Dobrev opened up a text editor and started coding the presentation live. If I am to make a dev presentation soon, I would definitely consider doing it in a text editor!
Ivelin Andreev opened my eyes on some security issues and workarounds for the same origin policy, in his presentation “Going Beyond Cross Domain Boundaries”.
So as I mentioned in a previous post and if I may quote this blog “JavaScript is the de-facto standard: if you want to create something that just about everybody on the planet can see and use, you must choose JavaScript as your programming language”. Just the fact that it was so much discussed on a event like Java2Days should make you think “hey, there really is something going on with JS that I should watch closely”.
Interesting times!

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